At CM Sports Lawyers we understand the broad range of issues that can affect footballers both on and off the pitch. Sportsmen will always perform at their maximum if their personal lives are in order. At CM Solicitors Sports Lawyers we have developed a unique approach to making sure player’s can solely concentrate on playing sport by educating them of the dangers that lie away from the pitch.

Sportsmen and women are often wealthy individuals who need guidance from the right person, CM Sports Lawyers offer unique seminars covering a wide range of topics and issues. The aim of these seminars is too make player’s aware of the risks they can face so that they don’t make mistakes that many have made before them.

Our range of seminars covers topics included but not limited too the following;

  • Criminal issues
  • Finance issues
  • Investment issues
  • Property issues
  • Legal/Contractual issues
  • Motoring issues
  • Sexual conduct/consent
  • Social media issues
  • Media and PR issues

Our seminars have been popular with professional sports clubs at both youth and first team level and we have always had extremely positive feedback.

“It was very good I have contact the Premier League Education Department and recommended you to them.”

Premier League Football Club

“Presented a talk to our young players which was excellent. We found the talk to be extremely useful and informative.”

Paul Tighe, Head of Education, West Ham United Football Club

“I invited CM Sports Lawyers to deliver a presentation to our full-time young players at Aston Villa Football Club, I would through recommend the company to any other academies.”

Paul Brackwell, Head of Education and Welfare, Aston Villa Football Club